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Episode 126: Synergies Work: Growing Disability-Owned Small Businesses

Wednesday – February 7, 2024


Aarti Sahgal

Aarti Sahgal
Founder & CEO of Synergies Work


Synergies Work is the largest non-profit in the United States that enables entrepreneurs with disabilities to build sustainable micro-enterprises. They provide end-to-end business solutions and bridge the opportunity gaps between the disability and the business communities. Synergies Work believes that empowering entrepreneurs with disabilities can create a more inclusive society and a better world for all.

Synergies Work is a personal mission of its founder, Aarti Sahgal. Her vision stems from her life experiences as a parent of a young adult with Down syndrome, who constantly challenges the bias of low expectations that excludes people with disabilities from living their true potential. In this episode of ADA Live! Aarti talks about the organization she founded, Synergies Work, and her personal mission to create inclusive communities and workforce strategies for people with disabilities.


Audio: Soundcloud Episode 126: Synergies Work: A Bridge Between the Disability and Business Communities



Featured Organization

Synergies Work helps entrepreneurs with disabilities turn their visions into reality. With the largest community of disability led startups in the United States. synergies work connects disabled entrepreneurs with the resources networks and communities they need to launch grow and scale their businesses. Learn more about synergies work by visiting their website at