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Episode 130: RETAIN Kentucky Helps Employees Stay at Work or Return to Work

Wednesday – June 5, 2024


Kimberly Wickert

Kimberly Wickert, Director of Organizational Partnerships RETAIN KY – Human Development Institute at University of Kentucky


The Southeast ADA Center and the ADA National Network get a lot of questions about workplace accommodations. This includes questions about when and how employees can stay at work or return to work after a disabling illness or injury.

The U.S. Department of Labor reports that millions of workers experience an injury that puts them at risk of leaving the workforce. While some injuries are work related, many happen off-the-job. These injuries impact not only workers, but family members, employers, and the economy. Many workers can return to work when the get timely and effective help. The RETAIN project, an initiative of the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP), seeks to aide injured workers in the recovery process and return to economic self-sufficiency.1

Our guest for this episode is Kimberly Wickert with RETAIN Kentucky. Kimberly will be talking about the ways the RETAIN demonstration projects help employees and employers, along with other partners, work together so that employees facing illness or injury remain in the workforce.

1 Stay at work/return to work.


Audio: Episode 130: RETAIN Kentucky Helps Employees Stay at Work or Return to Work



Featured Organization

Retain Employment and Talent After Injury Illness Network – RETAIN
When people leave the labor force due to illness or injury, it can be damaging for them, their families, their employers and the economy. Many injured or ill workers could remain in the workforce. It provided with timely coordinated assistance to navigate stay at home work returned to work services. Kentucky is proud to be part of a collaborative initiative designed to address these issues that retain employment and talent after injury illness network RETAIN. The goal of retain is to support individuals return to the workforce following an injury or illness and to remain in the workforce. Learn more about retain at