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Episode 31: Supported Decision-Making: Continuing the Conversation

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Recording & Transcripts



Episode 31 Transcript (PDF)


Jonathan Martinis, Senior Director for Law and Policy at the Burton Blatt Institute and the Project Director, National Resource Center for Supported Decision-Making


Jonathan Martinis’ appearance on the October 7th edition of ADA Live, discussing The Interplay between Guardianship and the ADA and Supported Decision-Making was one of our most popular. Because so many people had questions and comments, we’re having him back to answer some of the most “Frequently Asked Questions” about Supported Decision-Making. We’ll discuss how Supported Decision-Making can help people with disabilities make their own decisions and direct their own lives without the “need” for a guardian and ways to access appropriate supports and services to make that happen

Featured Organization

National Resource Center for Supported Decision-Making
The National Resource Center for Supported Decision-Making builds on and extends the work of Quality Trust’s Jenny Hatch Justice Project by bringing together vast and varied partners to ensure that input is obtained from all relevant stakeholder groups including older adults, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, family members, advocates, professionals and providers. The National Resource Center’s website includes information, resources, news, events, and stories about the Right to Make Choices. We believe that everyone has the Right to Make Choices and that Supported Decision-Making is a way people can make their own decisions and stay in charge of their lives, while receiving any help they need to do so. To learn more visit their website at​