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Episode 44: Why Your Advocacy Matters: What’s Happening at the State and Federal Level in Disability Policy

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

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Episode 44 Transcript (PDF)


Allison Wohl, Executive Director of the Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE)


Allison will talk about major changes at the state and federal level that impact people with disabilities and the people who serve them. We will discuss the importance of grassroots advocacy in this environment and why it is more important than ever.

Featured Organization

APSE–the Association of People Supporting Employment First
APSE–the Association of People Supporting Employment First–advances employment and self-sufficiency for all people with disabilities. Its vision is that people with all types of disabilities are employed, pursuing careers and building assets just like people without disabilities.

To change expectations and achieve outcomes, APSE champions the Employment First principle that employment and careers be the expected and preferred outcomes of all publicly funded services for those with disabilities. APSE works to change policies, practices and funding to advance employment, career development and economic advancement for all.To find out more about APSE, visit their website at