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Episode 57: Inclusive Healthy Communities and the ADA

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Episode 57 Resources: Inclusive Healthy Communities and the ADA

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Episode 57 Transcript (PDF file)
Transcripción de episodio 57 Comunidades inclusivas y saludables y la Ley ADA (PDF file)


Amy Rauworth, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Lakeshore Foundation & Associate Director of the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)


The lack of participation in physical activity is a serious public health concern in the United States. It is of even greater concern for the almost 56 million people with disabilities who may face additional barriers to being physically active and are, therefore, at increased risk for developing serious health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Physical activity can provide individuals with disabilities the strength and stamina required to participate in all aspects of life actively and successfully.

Efforts to create inclusive, healthy communities will directly affect generations to come and will improve the quality of life for all community members. A truly facilitating community is one in which health promotion activities are as accessible to people with disabilities as they are to people without disabilities. All individuals have the right to conditions and resources that ensure optimal health. However, socioeconomic, structural, programmatic and attitudinal barriers within the community are now widely recognized as major contributors to health disparities experienced by people with disabilities.

The promise of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is to ensure equal opportunity and access for people with disabilities at work and in our communities. In this episode, we will discuss promising practices and strategies for developing inclusive healthy communities, which include transportation policies and environmental changes to ensure streets are safe, accessible and convenient for all users.

Featured Organization

The National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)
The collaborative nature of the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD) is based on our strong belief that strategic partnerships are necessary for successful development and sustainability of Community Health Inclusion. This starts with the voices of people with disability and all allies joining to create change. We welcome people with disabilities, professionals working in the fields of disability and general community members who want to learn more about the technical assistance, training tools, and resources that are provided by NCHPAD to create inclusive, healthy communities.

NCHPAD is a public health practice and resource center on health promotion for people with disability and other chronic health conditions through physical activity, sport, recreation, advocacy, training, policy, and research. Additionally, NCHPAD conducts national initiatives that educate disability and non-disability service providers in community health inclusion.

NCHPAD is creating local level sustainability and inclusion through Inclusive Health Coalitions across the United States that promote community and individual behavior change focusing on leadership and planning strategies which support community health inclusion. NCHPAD’s features a variety of resources and services which can benefit all ages and populations and can be found online at