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Episode 72: Emerging Transportation Options and the ADA

Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Episode 72 Resources: Emerging Transportation Options and the ADA

Recording & Transcripts



Episode 72 Transcript (PDF file)
Transcripción de episodio 72: Opciones de nueva para transportación y la Ley ADA (PDF file)


Paul Simmons, ADA Information Specialist – Rocky Mountain ADA Center
Geoffrey Ames, Accessibility Implementation Executive Consultant at Meeting the Challenge, Inc.


Having reliable transportation equals independence in our daily lives. Transportation is often needed to get to medical appointments, enjoy recreational activities, and most importantly, go to work. However, an estimated 25.5 million people in the United States report having disabilities that make traveling outside the home difficult. In this group, 13.4 million people with disabilities – more than half – are of working age (18 to 64 years), but only 20% work at full or part time jobs. Additionally, 3.6 million people with disabilities report significant travel barriers that make them unable to leave their homes. These figures from the 2017 National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) show why we need to change how transportation is used and can be made more inclusive.

Transportation is covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in Title II (public, state and local governments) and also Title III (private businesses). However, what about new and emerging transportation services? What about third party vendors, who are largely considered private providers such as Uber, Lyft, and others? What about the future potential of self-driving vehicles? How will these services and new technologies be made accessible for people with disabilities?

On this episode of ADA Live!, guests Paul Simmons with the Rocky Mountain ADA Center and Geoff Ames with Meeting the Challenge, will discuss emerging transportation trends, the impact on people with disabilities, and the role of the ADA.

Featured Organizations:

Rocky Mountain ADA Center
The Rocky Mountain ADA Center is one of a network of 10 regional technical assistance centers across the United States the Rocky Mountain ADA Centers mission is to provide information guidance and training on the Americans With Disabilities Act daily to meet the needs of individuals and organizations in Colorado Montana North Dakota South Dakota Utah and Wyoming their vision is to bring the 88 full implementation they accomplish this by providing training technical assistance materials development and research you can find out more about the important work of the Rocky Mountain A.D.A.’s center at

Meeting the Challenge
Meeting the Challenge (or M.T.C.) is a national information services consulting firm that serves individuals and organizations with rights and responsibilities for compliance under federal disability laws. M.T.C. has the broad based knowledge resources and affiliate network to provide clients with solutions to solve the disability law compliance challenges and increased access for people with disabilities meeting the challenge offers a variety of services for helping to make businesses or buildings compliant with the ADA, including self-evaluations and transition plans accessibility audits architectural plan reviews website accessibility audits and training and consultation you can find out more about the important work meeting the challenge at