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Episode 82: History and the Future of Disability Rights: A Conversation with Judy Heumann

Wednesday, June 3, 2020


Judy Heumann
Peter Blanck, University Professor, Chairman Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University


Join us in a powerful and noteworthy conversation about the history and the future of the disability rights movement in celebration of the Olmstead Decision and the 30th ADA Anniversary.

Judy Heumann is an author, disability rights leader, founder of the World Institute on Disability, former Assistant Secretary of the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services (OSSERS), former Special Advisor on Disability Rights for the U.S. State Department, and subject of the documentary Crip Camp. Judy will be our honored guest for this ADA Live! podcast, and the host will be Peter Blanck, Ph.D., J.D.,and University Professor & Chairman of the Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University.

Judy will talk about her life and work from her early days at the Berkeley Center for Independent Living, her collaboration with Ed Roberts, the Section 504 sit-in of 1977, her work with the World Bank as Advisor on Disability and Development, and her position at the Ford Foundation as a Senior Fellow.
Judy and Peter will also talk about the progress of community integration of people with disabilities since the Olmstead court decision in June 1999, as well as the current challenges faced by the disability rights movement.

There’s more! Judy will also discuss her new book, Being Heumann and the documentary Crip Camp, which tells the story of the roots of modern disability rights activism.
Don’t miss this exciting chance to hear from one of the most powerful voices in the disability rights movement!

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