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Episode 100: Show Them How Smart You Are: Self-Advocacy, Parenting, and Autism

Clarise and ChaseJoin us for episode 100 of ADALive! when our guests will be Clarise Shelby-Coleman and her son Chase Coleman who have championed the importance of self-advocacy through a non-profit they have begun, called ‘Show Them How Smart You Are”.

Of all the skills we can learn, being able to advocate for ourselves could very well be the most important. Knowing who we are, what we need, and how to share that information with others is important for all of us, but especially for people with disabilities who are often denied choice in their lives or opportunities to make personal decisions. It is vital that people with disabilities have the opportunity to learn self-advocacy skills and become aware of how to ask for an accommodation in the workplace, or the post-secondary classroom, or to make decisions about lifestyles, living arrangements, or everyday choices.

Featured Organization

Show Them How Smart You Are is a grassroots autism organization inspired by personal experiences.  STHSYA supports caregivers (e.g., parents, grandparents, guardians, support service professionals) of individuals with autism through activities, resource sharing, referrals, educational advocacy, and informal support meetings.  While focusing primarily on the City of Syracuse, STHSYA also partners with surrounding suburban and rural residents of the Central New York area.

For more information about “Show Them How Smart You Are”, please contact Ms. Clarise Shelby-Coleman at:



Audio: Soundcloud Episode 100: Show Them How Smart You Are: Self-Advocacy, Parenting, and Autism




Clarise Shelby-Coleman and Chase Coleman founders of the non-profit 'Show Them How Smart You Are'Clarise Shelby-Coleman and Chase Coleman founders of the non-profit  ‘Show Them How Smart You Are’