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Episode 130 Resources: RETAIN Kentucky Helps Employees Stay at Work or Return to Work

Release Date: Wednesday – June 5, 2024
Archive, Bios, Description, Transcripts for Episode 130: RETAIN Kentucky Helps Employees Stay at Work or Return to Work
Guest: Kimberly Wickert, Director of Organizational Partnerships RETAIN KY – Human Development Institute at University of Kentucky
Moderator & Host: Barry Whaley, Project Director at the Southeast ADA Center


RETAIN Kentucky
University of Kentucky
Human Development Institute (HDI)
Phone or Text: 859-359-6726
The aim of RETAIN Kentucky is to help injured or ill workers remain in or return to their jobs by implementing and evaluating early intervention strategies. RETAIN Kentucky Return-to-Work Coordinators work with healthcare providers and employers to develop a plan that identifies services to support eligible participant’s needs and goals.
Note: The RETAIN Kentucky information and resources may be helpful to employees, employers, and healthcare providers from other states.

National RETAIN Program

ADA Live Podcasts and Resources on Employment

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Source: Southeast ADA Center

Resources from the Job Accommodation Network (JAN)

Job Accommodation Network (JAN)
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