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Episode 2 Resources: Veterans and their Families


General Information for Veterans

  • Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF)
    Source: Syracuse University
  • Make the Connection
    An online resource to connect Veterans, their families and friends, and other supporters to information, resources, and solutions to issues affecting their lives, including mental health conditions and traumatic brain injury. The comprehensive searchable directory links visitors to VA medical centers, mental health programs, benefits counselors, and other local resources. The site also features videos from more than 400 Veterans and their family members, sharing stories of strength and recovery.
    Source: The Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans and the ADA

Veterans and Employment

Notice Concerning the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act Of 2008
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Amendments Act of 2008 was signed into law on September 25, 2008 and becomes effective January 1, 2009. Because this law makes several significant changes, including changes to the definition of the term “disability,” the EEOC will be evaluating the impact of these changes on this document and other publications. See the list of specific changes to the ADA made by the ADA Amendments Act.

Military Life and Families

Benefits (including Education, Training, Housing, and Disability)

Accessing Benefits

  • VA Benefits
    Source: Veterans Benefits Administration

Jobs, Career, School Counseling and Workforce Integration