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Episode 62 Resources: Airport Accessibility and the ADA

Airport Accessibility Regulations and Guidance

Did You Know? Once you get on an airplane, the rights of people with disabilities are not covered by the ADA. They are covered by the Air Carrier Access Act (49 U.S.C. 1374 (c)).

Specific Travel Topics from The U.S. Department of Transportation:

Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals with Traveling

  • Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals
    Source: ADA National Network
    Outlines ADA requirements for service animals and emotional support animals.
  • Air Carrier Access Act: Service Animals
    Source: Southwest ADA Center
    Question and answer: Must carriers permit passengers with a disability to travel with service animals?
  • Video: Traveling with Service Animals [YouTube, 5:29 min.]
    Source: U.S. Department of Transportation
    This captioned video outlines the requirements for traveling with service animals under the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA).

Other Resources to Improve Airport Accessibility

  • Atlanta Airport Accessibility Information
    Source: Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport
    Their mission is to provide a safe, enjoyable travel experience as well as equal access for guests and passengers with disabilities and/or special needs at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.
  • AMAC Accessibility
    Source: Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
    Provides practical solutions for real challenges faced daily by individuals with disabilities. AMAC offers corporate, governmental and nonprofit memberships for services, including disability compliance consultation, Braille, captioning, accessible digital content and assistive technology.
  • Accessible Airport Terminals
    Source: Accessibility Online
    This webinar from June 7, 2018 reviews solutions to common access issues in airports. It focuses on areas of special concern such as accessible passenger loading zones, self-service ticketing kiosks, security checkpoints, boarding bridges and devices, signage, sales and service counters, communication systems, and service animal relief areas.
  • ADA Live! Episode 39: Universal Design
    Source: ADA Live, Southeast ADA Center
    Listen to the audio file or read the transcript
  • Universal Design Resource List from ADALive!
    Universal Design is changing the world we live in by making buildings, products and environments that are accessible to all – people with disabilities and those without disabilities.
  • ACAA Requirements for Airport Websites and Kiosks
    Source: Level Access
    Information on ACAA requirements for airport kiosk and website accessibility are explained in plain language.
  • Getting There and Back Again: Air Travel for People with Disabilities
    Source: Level Access
    Web-based functions of the air travel experience should be accessible to all travelers, regardless of disability.
  • Open Doors Organization (ODO)
    Source: Open Doors Organization (ODO)
    Focused on the fields of hospitality and transportation, this organization conducts market research, disability awareness training, educational seminars, and diversity programs that improve the quality of life for the individual with a disability while opening doors to businesses and society.
  • Disability Training Materials and Helpful Information
    Source: U. S. Department of Transportation
    These modular programs can be used to assist individuals with disabilities and to supplement the training and education of airline employees and contractors. The programs focus on the rights and responsibilities of individuals and airlines under the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA).