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Farris Tuma

Chief, Traumatic Stress Disorders Research Program – National Institute of Mental Health

Farris TumaDr. Tuma is a Health Scientist Administrator with the National Institute of Mental Health. He also serves as the NIMH point of contact for research on violence and trauma. His formal training is in public health as a research scientist and he holds a Masters degree in health policy and management.

In his current position, Dr. Tuma manages a research funding program on the mental health consequences of traumatic stress, including mass trauma and violence involving children, adolescents, and adults. Dr. Tuma oversees and coordinates research on post traumatic mental disorders to identify early markers of vulnerability and resilience, improve identification and diagnosis, and develop interventions to prevent the onset of and ameliorate the course of a range of mental health concerns associated with traumatic stress.

National Institute of Mental Health
Division of Translational Research
Traumatic Stress Disorders Research Program
Bethesda, Maryland
Phone: 301-443-9232

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