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Julie Kegley

Senior Staff Attorney & Program Director, Georgia Advocacy Office

Julie KegleyJulie Kegley is a Senior Staff Attorney and Program Director with the Georgia Advocacy Office. She was born with a severe to profound hearing loss and uses speech to communicate. Julie received her bachelor’s degree from Auburn University and her law degree from the Cumberland School of Law, Samford University. She is licensed to practice law in Alabama, Virginia, and Georgia. Julie’s legal career has been dedicated to working for Protection and Advocacy (P & A) Systems to protect and advocate against the abuse and neglect of people with disabilities. For over twenty years, she has represented people with disabilities working on a wide range of issues from removal of restrictive and unnecessary guardianships, monitoring Section 14c certificate holders who pay people with disabilities subminimum wage, supporting self-advocacy, and representing people with disabilities to obtain home and community-based services and supports so they can remain at home instead of being institutionalized

Episode 125: Applying the ADA’s Integration Mandate and Olmstead v. L.C. to Sheltered Employment and Day Services for People with Disabilities

The Georgia Advocacy Office (GAO) is the federally-funded, private nonprofit organization designated by the Governor of Georgia to protect and advocate on behalf of Georgians with disabilities. GAO’s mission is to organize our resources and follow our values and legal mandates in ways which substantially increase the number of people who are voluntarily standing beside and for people in Georgia who have significant disabilities and mental illness. GAO envisions a Georgia where all people have value, visibility, and voice; where even the most difficult and long-lasting challenges are addressed by ordinary citizens acting voluntarily on behalf of each other; and where the perception of disability is replaced by the recognition of ability.